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Men Shoes | VivoBarefoot Motus Running Shoes (Red) | VivoBarefoot Shoes Latest Styles

Model: Shoes for Men 1456

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  • Product Name : Men Shoes | VivoBarefoot Motus Running Shoes (Red) | VivoBarefoot Shoes Latest Styles
  • Model : Shoes for Men 1456
  • Product Details:
    The ultimate movement shoe.Upper - Lightweight Support
    The Motus brings aesthetic styling to a minimalist running shoe. Utilising two outer layers with a fibrous centre, form the Dual Ply Mesh Upper. The constructed hexagonal pattern mesh at the forefoot allows airflow to permeate the ventilated interior for key breathability while working alongside a merged toe guard for added protection, helping maintain a strong surrounding around the foot through motion.
    At the rear of the Motus, graphic synthetic overlays wrap the eyelets through to the heel for structural stability and support, engaging torsion with full flexibility while still maintaining its shape. The Motus also comes with a V-Lock Strap across the lacing, which helps medial and lateral hold, allowing you to jump, twist and flex with poise and confidence.
    On the interior a Textile Lining gives sweat wicking properties that remove moisture vapors away from the surface of the skin, keeping the foot dry and comfortable while Outlast Engineering, retains body heat to keep the feet warm and cosy for when the temperature drops.
    Outsole - Puncture Resistant
    The Motus outsole is a 4.5mm, ultra-flexible, puncture resistant sole, with Hexagonal Pattern that acts as grip, the grooves in between the hexagons allows water to pass through, helping to stop any aquaplaning and any loss of traction.
    The varying size of the hexagons gives you the right balance that will make you'll feel inspired to move, safe in the knowledge that your feet are protected from the sharp rocks and roots and any on coming elements.
    With 200,000 nerve endings, 33 major muscles, 28 bones, 19 ligaments; the human foot is a biomechanical masterpiece.
    No heel, no midsole, no arch support, no gimmicks! VIVOBAREFOOT helps encourages us to move as million years of evolution intended - barefoot. The VIVOBAREFOOT difference is in the sole. They make a series of constructions specifically designed for varying elements, terrains, and activities.
    Many experts believe the shoes we wear not only cast the foot in a protective form, but can also weaken our foot and leg muscles, leaving them underdeveloped and more prone to injury. And while there are many occasions where traditional footwear is essential for protection, safety, and security, it is equally important to stimulate and exercise our feet in a more natural state on a regular basis.
    Dual Ply Mesh upper - Provides ventilation to the interior.
    Graphic synthetic overlays - Provides structural support.
    Toe guard - Abrasion resistant cap.
    V-Lock strap - Helps medial and lateral hold.
    Textile Lining - Wicks sweat away from the surface of the skin.
    Outlast engineering - Retains body heat to keep the feet warm when the temperature drops.
    V-Move sole unit - 4.5mm, ultra-flexible, puncture resistant sole with Hexagonal pattern that acts as grip.
    100% Vegan