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Men Shoes | VivoBarefoot Motus Running Shoes (Black) | VivoBarefoot Shoes Good Quality

Model: Shoes for Men 1455

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  • Product Name : Men Shoes | VivoBarefoot Motus Running Shoes (Black) | VivoBarefoot Shoes Good Quality
  • Model : Shoes for Men 1455
  • Product Details:
    New to the Vivo range, a shoe specifically crafted for human movement encourages poise, control and natural freedom.
    Constructed with a Dual Ply Mesh combining two outer layers with a fibrous centre enables optimum breathability. Through the process of allowing air to permeate the exterior, ventilation is intern provided within the inner extremities. A toe guard provides impact protection, diminishing potential abrasion; whilst a V-strap secures the feet yielding a locked-down fit.
    A 4.5mm, ultra-flexible, puncture resistant sole, inspires you to move as its been specifically designed to deliver consistent grip underfoot. Supplemented with hexagonal nodules implemented in varying sizes, the right balance and superb traction is a result of meticulous planning. The channels between these nodules help to disperse water for quicker movement and prevention of aquaplaning/sliding.
    The Motus is both flat and wide enabling you to splay the toes proportionately allowing weight to be spread evenly for optimal balance. Great for calisthenics, the featherweight, extremely pliable construction increases proprioception, letting your feet connect with the ground.
    Get Vibram
    Get Tough
    Made with a super strong, thin, puncture-resistant sole and long wearing hex tread, the Motus' traction is specially crafted to give you consistent, even grip.
    Get Protected
    With its resilient rubber toe guard, Motus protects your feet through every twist and pivot of your game, allowing you to stay focussed on the main event.
    Get Locked
    The reinforced strap relaxes and tightens steadily as you move, to keep your mid-foot firmly in place, whilst allowing the ankle and heel to do their thing.
    Get Control
    The V-strap gives precise hold where you need it, keeping your mid-foot firmly in place, however much you move.
    Get Cool
    Not too hot, not too cold, Outlast technology adapts to thermal changes as you move, keeping your feet at optimum temperature.
    Get Strong
    Before stepping out in the Motus be sure to strengthen your feet by either going barefoot or introducing yourself to the further models within the Barefoot range.
    Dual Ply Mesh - Keeps the shoe breathable, allowing air to circulate the shoe.
    Textile Lining - Ensures a high level of flexibility and low level of moisture absorption.
    V-Lock Velcro Strap - For medial and lateral hold.
    V-Move - Provides a supreme purchase underfoot with hexagonal nodules strategically placed for optimal balance.
    Sole Thickness: 4.5 mm.
    100% Vegan
    The Motus Fit
    Motus is made to be wide and spacious, with room for lateral movement and space for the great toe to control natural motion. Stick to your regular size.