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Kids Shoes | VivoBarefoot Bay Shoes (Navy Blue) | VivoBarefoot Shoes New Styles

Model: Shoes for Kids 232

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  • Product Name : Kids Shoes | VivoBarefoot Bay Shoes (Navy Blue) | VivoBarefoot Shoes New Styles
  • Model : Shoes for Kids 232
  • Product Details:
    VivoBarefoot Bay Junior Shoes
    Made for adventureSynthetic PU Buck UpperThe VivoBarefoot Bay Junior Shoes are composed of a durable single layered upper. The composition is a soft and supportive synthetic PU buck material that extends the full construction. Wrapping the foot, it locks it in place for optimal fit and support and also protects through its super tough exterior. Embedded with two V-Hal (hook and loop) adjustable strap, the Bay sandal grabs the foot from medial through to lateral allowing your kid the freedom to climb higher, jump further and explore the outdoors with reliable protection, whilst allowing for freedom of movement from heel to toe.
    Multi-surface Outsole
    The outsole for the Bay Sandal is constructed from Vivobarefoot's patented puncture resistant compound, which is risen from medial to lateral, supporting the midfoot section from oncoming debris. It also incorporates thin set lugs which give an unprecedented amount of traction, but still lets your feet move naturally, as nature intended. The Junior Bay Sandal is a durable and lightweight trail sandal suited for light door to trail adventures.
    Synthetic PU buck upper - Provides optimal support and comfort.
    V-Hal (hook and loop) adjustable strap - Wraps over the forefoot to secure the foot in place.
    Vivobarefoot's patented puncture resistant outsole - Strong and durable rubber compound that provides full sensory feedback.
    Sole thickness - 3mm
    Sole unit - V-Kids Multi-Play Sole
    "Barefoot running is here to stay and will continue to gain momentum. Barefoot running has been around for millions of years. Cushioned heels, arch supports and more recently toning shoes that are fads with no scientific standing and slowly more people are realising this. VIVOBAREFOOT is not about gimmicks. It is about allowing your body to move as evolution intended -- barefoot."
    "There is increasing demand for minimalist shoes as more and more research is published to support the health benefits of being barefoot and more people have first-hand experiences. In addition, with the recent backlash against toning shoes, consumers are looking for a more common sense approach to being healthy. Good, honest science to support barefoot health is increasing and will continue to grow the category. Over the past few years we've seen more of the big brands enter the market of barefoot running shoes, however we remain the original and most pure barefoot experience available with no cushioning, no arch support and no heal drop. We are the only brand to offer zero-drop and anatomic width, total flexibility, ultra-thin, puncture-resistant sole shoes."